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Trecking around Iceland - 9, Conquer Vatnajökull with Cramponsand

Posted by yaoli chen on

Conquer Vatnajökull with Cramponsand The first time we were on glaciers, rope up, using cramponsand ice axes. Vatnajokull is the largest glacier of  Iceland, even of Europe. It covered  8% of Iceland's land area. Now that we have arrived the foot of the glacier, we must put on crampons and walk through the glacier to different ultimate shocking beauty. The glacier we're going to conquer is Falljökull. It's the small branch of Vatnajokull glacier.  Falljökull means 'falling glacier' in Icelandic word. We start form the foot of the glacier, and our destination is that bellow the clouds. We felt that this...

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