Trecking arround Iceland - 11, Met Double Rainbow in Dettifoss

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D6 Hverir -> Dettifoss -> Goðafoss->Akureyri[233km]


 The last day of the first half Iceland trip, it's a sunny day.facing the sun, all the way west.We meet three waterfalls. The 11 days in Iceland, we visited a total of no less than ten waterfalls,this is only the many well-known waterfalls in Iceland part. Ten waterfall, different patterns, no fatigue.

 Geothermal areas under a blue sky, an entirely different view.

------------------------------------Dettifoss, Selfoss & Goðafoss-----------------------------
  Dettifoss is Europe's largest water falls, We could not feel at all during the 30 kilometers on the way.It's a desolate road,driving through the dusty, we feel more like towards to a desert rather than falls which is quite different scene waterfall surrounded by greenery.

  In fact, dettifoss (Dettifoss) located in the valley, according to a natural waterfall and green basalt canyons, waterfalls in the region mainly due to rock landscape, barren. Fortunately, we first saw the double rainbow in Iceland, with the rainbow accompanied backlit waterfall considerably.

  Dettifoss has a twin brother Selfoss, just 1.5 km away, along the upper reaches of the foot can reach Dettifoss Selfoss. See the names of these two waterfalls, surely you can guess, Dettifoss and Selfoss belong to the same river Jökulsá á Fjöllum River, continue traced, they are derived from Iceland's largest ice Vatnajökull Glacier, born prominent. Although the twins, but some of Selfoss significantly delicate, large and small, would be divided by the number of road basalt pouring down. Helpless, or backlight!

[Tips] on access to Dettifoss
  Dettifoss has two parking lot, east parking reachable via Highway 864, west to reach the car park via Highway 862. Relatively speaking, the east is more suitable viewing.

  Goðafoss, it has a special significance for Icelanders.Around 1000 AD, Christianity was designated as the official religion of Iceland, then thrown into the old God of gods Falls (Goðafoss), a symbol of faith Icelanders from the old to the new God.God changes, waterfall, hence the name. Does it like "Game of Thrones" (Game of Thrones) in the plot? Although the gap for Goðafoss is small, only 12 meters, but there are 30 meters wide, it's still very full momentum.However, still a large backlight.

  Backlit! Backlit!Backlight! Suddenly remembered cloudy. I want to go again these falls in winter, it must be a different kind of amazing.


------------------------------Food & Delights On the Way----------------------------

About Iceland, it's the third page, but the first mention of food.It's not my style.I always spend time to pick some of the characteristics of the restaurant ,but in Iceland the unique natural scenery,eating seems to be less important.Along the way, about the food, we almost less stress, more willing to put the time left landscape, did not come across a restaurant, eating instant noodles or eating at the restaurant near the gas station.Eating what we meet,we don't deliberately looking for food.
Höfn is the relatively large towns we pass.there are several well-known lobster restaurant.Even before the trip,we already planned for a lobster dinner at Hepburn (Höfn).But we are still expected to miss, such as Kaffi Hornið lobster and lamb chops, for example Humarhöfnin shrimp tail. I can only say, next time.
The only gluttonous meal in the first half trip is in RUB23,a bit more Japanese Icelandic restaurant,located in a small red house at the northern part of the capital of Iceland, Akureyri (Akureyri). Restaurant has seafood, a variety of fresh fish, but also lamb chops, steak or other meat and all kinds of sushi.It is worth mentioning feature for RUB23 that cater to different tastes of diners developed by a variety of sauces (Spice Mixtures - Rub),on the Settings menu, customer can choose in advance the staple food, namely fish or meat varieties, and then choose what sauce accompanied, with a meal to your taste.
In order to enjoy most of the species, we chose the seafood platter, including salmon, cod, tiger prawns and scallops and so with Texas barbecue sauce (Texas BBQ Rub), although the appearance does not look amazing, but taste absolutely fresh ingredients good, very fresh fish, shrimp flexible. In addition a single point of salmon sashimi (Salmon Sashimi), fat thickness.

  A few days after the gluttonous meal, I've been pondering that a taste.I see the news on Official website there's also a RUB23 in Reykjavik (Reykjavík).I intended to visit again to taste the meat platter, alas, is no longer a business has closed. If you will be in the northern capital of Akureyri (Akureyri) to stay, it is strongly recommended RUB23.

[Tips] RUB23

Address: Kaupvangsstræti 6, 600 Akureyri
Phone: +354 4622223
Website: http: //
TripAdvisor Rating: 4½, ranked fourth Akureyri restaurants
Price per person: ISK 3,885 (about RMB188)

We only stay in Akureyri brief one night,but we have quite a good impression on the second largest city in Iceland. The fjord seaside town, everywhere fill with warm and lovely atmosphere. Even people who are not familiar with Iceland, must know the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland, on the verge of bankruptcy. Just then, Akureyri launched a Red campaign to encourage everyone optimistic and positive face of difficulties, the town instantly surrounded by hearts, red traffic lights into heart-shaped, appears on the opposite hillside town Mt.Vaðlaheiði a huge red heart-shaped lights, even in the housing wall, window, the car body can be seen close to the hearts decoration. Although we did not experienced such a scene, but when we drove through the streets of Akureyri, beating hearts to see traffic lights, or a burst of inexplicable moved, a red light has become a pleasure.


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