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Return to the origin, like a dream

A few days, twice departing from Reykjavik .First, from the south coast to the north shore of the island,magnificent waterfalls,black windy beach, unique tundra,
dreamlike glacial lakes,cold glaciers, unexpected snowfields,exotic like geothermal; another is through the West Bank to the north shore of the island,holy Chapel
Hill,rugged lava coast, lonely sea boulder.Now return to Reykjavik , all return to the origin, also means that we near the end of the trip to Iceland.

Day 13. Vatnsnes ->Reykjavík [220km]Reykjavík

The most northern capital of the world - Reykjavik

Iceland’s capital is Reykjavik, which is the most northern location in the world. I am particularly curious, do Greenland's capital Nuuk latitude Reykjavik actually not high? In the map, they are nearly horizontal position, specifically checked the concrete latitude, Reykjavik  is latitude 64 ° 08 ', Nuuk  is latitude 64 ° 10', it seems to Nuuk narrow victory. The only explanation could be that Greenland is still the Danish overseas Dominion, it is not an independent country, so capital Nuuk is not considered in the strict sense. If someday Greenland completely independent, Reykjavik as "the world's most northern capital," the name of the others will be sidelined.

 Nordic town Reykjavik's constructions are  mostly not high,therefore,hallgrímskirkja became one of the most unique buildings in Reykjavik is Iceland's largest church.As long as through Reykjavik, you will not miss this church.Church has organ-like appearance, in fact,  it's one of the most representative shape of the Icelandic landscape, basalt columns.



Quiet Reykjavik has a seaside modern sculpture,Sólfar ,borrowed form the Viking Ship skeleton depicts a ship to sail like a dream boat.Sculpture itself is not large,but carries Icelanders hope and development,and the dream of freedom. hree o'clock, the distant sky slightly flushed, a new day is about to open, but also our last day in Iceland. 


Golden Circle

Day 14. (Reykjavík -> Þingvellir National Park ->Geysir -> Gullfoss [ 310km]

Golden Circle

Because it is near the capital,Golden Circle is often the first stop in Iceland to the vast majority of tourists,some of the tourist may think Iceland just have the
Golden Circle,and we did the opposite, put this most "a visit" attractions on the last. Because we should return the car at six in the afternoon,but also want to avoid
the crowd ,we star to Reykjavik more than four'o clock in the morning ,the last day of the fight enough.

Golden Circle by the three representatives of the attractions:  the Golden Falls (Gullfoss, Icelandic meaning Golden Falls), Geyser and Thingvellir National Park.


About origin name of Gullfoss,many say.some said that because of its meltwater under the golden sunset shining exhibits,there with the legendary statement,there was a
magnate fear somebody grab his property,put his gold thrown into the waterfall.Perhaps it is Gullfoss sake, only today we call the Golden Circle, Golden circle
Gullfoss does have impressive charm. From the beginning of that day set foot in Iceland, I think there have been exceptions, care deeply about spectacular waterfalls,
is triangular, and the day before you leave Iceland, I finally had witnessed her.

It has been described the Gullfoss, "No waterfall in Europe can match Gullfoss. In wildness and fury it outdoes the Niagara Falls of the United States." (In Europe, no
one can compare with Gullfoss waterfall , its wild even beyond the American Niagara Falls) However, this waterfall has drawn the short straw in the early 20th century,
There is a foreign investors had signed a lease agreement to build hydropower stations in here, once put into action, all this in front of scenery will cease to exist.
Is Sigríður Tómasdóttir, was the daughter of the owner of the waterfall,desperate strongly opposed, was saved Gullfoss. After that, people in memory of her, with her
name to the waterfall along the cliff edge, The trail of Sigríður.

The figure is a photographer standing in front of the waterfall, we can see how spectacular Gullfoss contrast, the momentum is definitely not inferior to Europe's
largest waterfall of water, it is also in Iceland Dettifoss.



Gold ring in geothermal areas, there is the original geyser spring called Geysir, eruption column height up to 70-80 meters, is the world's second largest geyser, but
in recent years this spring water has stopped, only Wave braved leaving a small blister spring. But the name has been in use down Geysir in Iceland, which is
synonymous with geysers.

This spring water are still called Strokkur, 5-10 minutes eruption, the maximum height of the water column of up to 25-35 m intervals. Standing in front of the geyser,
even if you do a good job of preparing it is about to erupt, when out of the water column in front of the sky the moment, they still will be scared.


Geyser is a very interesting attractions when you holding the camera, it has been estimated when it will erupt, when to press the shutter, but you never can not figure
it law, Sometimes, the water potential of spring begins to rotate outward trend,, but after a while the water has returned to calm after shake you a few times,suddenly
broke out, without warning, and each eruption height form they are not the same. You may have to look at the wind, there is danger when body wet.

And my favorite form of geysers, which is about to break out of that moment,before the formation of an outbreak the water potential outward tension,beautiful as if the
sapphire general.


Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park is in a geographically and politically very significant place.Politically, there was a meeting of the parliamentary seat of Iceland,the
Icelandic parliament is one of the oldest parliament in the world.In 1944, also here, from Denmark ruled Iceland announced the establishment of the Republic of
Iceland.Geographically, so that the North American Plate and the Eurasian plate isolated Mid-Atlantic Ridge pass through here, forming a huge canyon
cracks.Unfortunately, passing by we open the wrong way, the significance of such an extraordinary place basically no sense.

Þingvellir National Park
The opening of correctly Thingvellir National Park ,I guess it should go diving,dive sites Silfra reportedly is clearest waters in the world, in the bottom two plates
cracks exposure, presumably it is a unique experience.

--------------Eat & Sleep--------------

Turned finished Golden Circle, return to Reykjavik,and finally, I want to recommend a restaurant and an apartment in the capital,eat to live good fun, the trip can be considered successful.


 S?greifinn, Icelandic word for the sea baron  located in a small green house in Reykjavik harbor side, the facade of the restaurant is very small and even insignificant, but here are the best drink Icelandic lobster soup.The original owner of the restaurant is a retired fisherman Kjartan Halldórsson, he single-handedly founded the small restaurant and a bowl of greedy saliva lobster soup,unfortunately the baron died in February 2015 at the age of 75 year old.

S?greifinn menu is very simple, or even that there is no menu.Diners single point directly at the cash register, lobster soup certainly will point, surely no other soups optional.Moreover is all kinds of seafood and vegetables barbecue,all display  cashier at the edge of opening the freezer,it is said seafood is the day fishing. After paying off,the waiter will arrange a seat, then waited patiently is delicious and serve. Meal time, queuing is a must, although mostly tourists come, but it does good, to uphold the Scandinavian minimalist style, affordable.Naturally, we did a repeat customers, both before and after Reykjavik twice during the visit.

Lobster soup with bread, in addition to lobster, but with a fresh tomato tune, but not so strong like borsch,a touch of sweet and sour taste mixed with milk,not only an appetizer,drink very warm soup fend off the cold.Seafood Grill prawns and scallops to the most delicious, succulent Q shells barbecue with sea salt, it is the most primitive simple and delicious.



Before and stayed in three different hotels or apartments in Reykjavik,which should be enough convincing recommend. Apartment Full Name is caze reykjavik central luxury apartments, the name also more bluntly?

As the name suggests,the apartment is located in downtown Reykjavik, but in the bustling shopping street Laugavegur,  if you want to buy some souvenirs,characteristic wool,  or the famous Icelandic outdoor clothing brand 66 ° North in Iceland,allcan be foundded in this street.There is a very important point,opposite the apartment is a 24-hour supermarket 10-11,10-11 Iceland supermarket chain, although the price may be relatively cheap supermarket Iceland to be slightly more expensive,but wins in convenience. Four in the morning we set out for the Golden Circle, before leaving you can buy hot coffee and croissant in 10-11 , is simply satisfied.

There is no reception, no staff, everything is self-help, Caze apartment is the true sense. Prior to arrival,other side emailed a password downstairs door and the room door key password box,from the door of the box to take the keys to stay up.Room divided living room and bedroom,street has a small terrace,fully equipped, fully equipped,including kitchen appliances, washer dryer, etc,the overall decorative style is light luxury minimalist Scandinavian IKEA style, very comfortable,I feel that if we own a set of these small house,perhaps also decoration. In a word: very satisfied!


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trecking around Iceland - 16


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