trecking around Iceland - 15, Towards Grundarfjörður, to the Giant Stone in the sea

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 Standing Giant

Day 12. Grundarfjörður -> Vatnsnes [212km]


Although we have skipped the rugged road of western fjords, but Snæfellsnes go to the Vatnsnes more than two hundred kilometers. This still regarded as the worst
traffic of Iceland , nearly two hundred kilometers,almost entirely unpaved gravel road,bumpy nearly six hours, just for that one standing in the sea of boulders.
(learned from experience, from Snæfellsnes , around the period of the long way back to Highway 1 and continue north, full multi approached fifty kilometers,but the
road may be much better that figure above the gray line.)

In the Vatnsnes along the lonely road No. 711 all the way north,a desolate of the highway, with few houses,not to mention the town,but sometimes will encounters a
group of Icelandic horses, making a lot of vitality with lonely journey .

The sea boulder Hvitserkur located northeast of Peninsula, standing alone outside the coast.Usually I do not like pointing to a piece of stone in the landscape what it
looks like,Sea boulder Hvitserkur gas peninsula located northeast of standing alone outside the coast. Usually I do not like pointing to a piece of stone in the
landscape what it looks like, but the sea of Hvítserkur seem prehistoric dinosaurs are drinking water instead of a 15 meter high basalt rock.


There is a faint road in rugged cliffs along the coast , trembling venue beach under the cliff,at sunrise tide yet,you can go to "dinosaur" at the foot, which is even higher than Tyrannosaurus. Although the sky floating light rain, But it can not stop beautiful sunrise , touch the deep and shallow layers in the distance, skip the round after round of Jesus light, even accompanied the rainbow, it is like the eternal moment.We only stay one night,so can run into the glow, almost moved to tears,for this hard way before and after about half an hour light,get up at two'o clock in the morning is painful, but it seems trivial, everything is worth it.





Vatnsnes sparsely populated, the seal maybe is the real owner of the peninsula. near the ósar Hostel, there is a road leading to the the end of road, it will see the lazy plump seals of other side, sometimes only a handful a few industrious seals exposed head in the sea, but too far of the distance so do not see real.



The landscape of Iceland,beside the waterfalls,canyons also more common, including the considerable reputation Atlantic Ridge (Mid-Atlantic Ridge,large cracks between the North American continent and the Eurasian plate through Iceland),also has a very small secret congregation,one is the Kolugljúfur.recall now,knowing Kolugljúfur very occasionally, only when readily be found to do the Raiders,the location information is also extremely rare,we spent a lot of effort to figure out the specific location ( there are signs navigate to D?li Holiday Farm, on Highway 715)just near the morth on our way so we decided to detour.

Kolugljúfur is an about 2 km deep about 20-25 meters canyon , because River Vieidalsa flows through a raging waterfall therethrough.




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