7days Krabi beach trip--- to the Lanta of Krabi, Which is close to Phuket (two)

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slowly life in Lanta

Trip to Lanta is not well scheduled. We decided to go because the ticket is cheap.
And travel is like a aspirin for life, when you get into it, you will be depend on it more and more.

We flight to Krabi and stay one night in Ao nang, the next day we go to Lanta for 3days. and then we come back to Ao nang for one day long tail boat island trip. 

Now let show you how our wonderful trip is.




We first arrive Ao nang hotel anyavee ban ao nang resort. This hotel is really close to the beach, one munite walk.

hotel in ao nang


We bought ticket to Lanta the next morning. When you bought the ticket, it including car picking up for hotel. so it's very convenient to travel in Thailand. It's same in Phuket, in Bankok or even in north Chimai.
The car arrive very early to the hotel to pick us up. After picking us up, the car going to pick the other four people up, then we go all the way to Ao nang pier. It takes about 10 minutes drive to the pier punctuality.quite close.


When we reached the port and went up to the ferry, there're quite many people there. and the location with sun on the ferry have been sit with beauties and handsomes. Beauties with bikini, and have already doing sun protect on skin. Sun protection on skin is really important when you going to beach. I was burned each time going to beach.

ferry to lanta

Puket island

sea of phuket 

The ferry pick up some persons form island Railay. Then it arrived after sailling 2h20m.

Here is the port of Lanta

Lanta port


Once get off the you found a lot of tutu, so it's convinient to go to the hotel. It cost 100-200B, depends on your bargin skill. 

Trafic of phuket

The hotel we stay is Twin Lutus - Koh Lanta, about 10-15munite drive from pier. The reason to choose this hotel of course it's the location. Not far form pier, easy go to town, and with private beach.

hotel koh lanta twin lutus

So we finally going to the most beatiful and blue sea trip. turn to our three part to see more. fistly show you some beatiful picuture, so that you'll fall in love with it. 

Ao nang beach

beach sea

Do forget to take your bikinis

gremember to take your bikini



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Enjoy A 7days in Thailand beach the Lanta of Krabi, so blue, so pure (two)

Enjoy A 7days in Thailand beach the Lanta of Krabi, so blue, so pure (one)

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