trecking around Iceland - 13, photoes on Kirkjufell, the church mountain, the view is different every munite

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------------------The landscape of the peninsula-------------
Goodbye to the beautiful Arctic Greenland, return to the Reykjavik of Iceland. And
continue to travel around the Iceland, to finish the rest of Iceland. For this time, we will walk the way north and the west coast. We stay in the two peninsulas, the Snæfellsnes of the west and Vatnsnes of the north. In three days, surging in the the beautiful views, and sunrise and sunset.


Day 10. Reykjavík ->Grundarfjörður 

Driving again,the second half of Iceland trip, we change the most common and
cheapest four-wheel drive - Suzuki Jimny. This is the coolest car what we rented, especially the red color. Red car become a beatiful view in the Iceland lanscape. 


In Iceland territory, beside the capital and golden circle, most visitors traveling the
south line, black sand beaches, glaciers and glacial lakes become the most
representative views of Iceland. If you go further, going form south to the north you will reach the Rice Lake, which near the geothermal areas. In contrast, less people go to the west line of the Iceland. So you see few person there. However, there is a mountain in the west, which is not tall, but because of a perfect cone angle, it became the holy in the photographer's mind. This is the Chapel Hill (Kirkjufell, Church Mountain in the
Iceland ) also called the straw mountain by the local people.

Chapel Hill (Kirkjufell) located in the west of Snæfellsnes's, 463 meters high. Waterfalls lay in front of it. So looking form the south it's perfect with the waterfall and the church mountain. 

Chapel Hill

Revisit Chapel Hill again in the midnight sunset. Then I realize the position of the mountain in the photolover's mind. All the cameras lined up. With different and high assessories, stand by for photo taking. 

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill

The sky of the day is really live up to expectations, pink clouds at the
sunset, thousands of lighting changes instant, every minute seemed not to be
missed. The Chapel Hill in this background, emitting a magical atmosphere. Now
the mountain has risen to the height of the photographer shrine, it will be more
appropriate to interpret.

Jerry: Perfect conical peaks, and a double waterfall embellishment, beautiful and
extravagant in the sunset.This photo used Xinge Rui 0.9 reverse gradient to
convex sunset, to increase the minimum aperture shutter time prominent
waterfall flow texture. at the same time, this lens 16-35 in a small aperture will
appear charming sun astral effects. --2015/06/28 23:33

conical peaks

Jerry: Midnight, the sun almost obscured by the mountains, but still pink clouds
, I found a waterfall downstream angle, so that more water will into the photo
prospects. Because it is facing the direction of the sun, with raw shooting, easy
to use photoshop brighten dark. -- 2015/06/29 00:02

conical peaks


Jerry: clouds flow together in the three-minute, the waterfalls flow more
smooth and bright colors. Photography can restore the beauty and also will catch the Unable imaging screen of human eyes. -- 2015/06/29


Jerry: The mountain is really stylish, so even in the middle of the screen will
not feel rigid. Of course, a wide-angle shot must be add beautiful
prospect, otherwise it will become too monotonous. -- 2015/06/29 00:49


Jerry: you can not only shoot the mountains in Chapel Hill, This is the close-up of
waterfalls. So the waterfalls become major role. The river glow blue under the purple sky before sunrise shines. That's a beautiful color feast. With 8 seconds exposure time to shoot a waterfall, the water showing smooth state, waterfalls layering more distinct. -- 2015/06/29 03:00

mountain waterfall

You might ask why the sunrise and sunset is in the same angle? That is because Iceland is in the high latitudes, it almost close to polar day in summer. Sunrise and sunset separated by only about 1-2 hours. Rising in the north-northwest direction, and down form north-northeast direction. Waterfalls look in the direction of Chapel Hill is just north, so we will see panoramic view of the sunrise and sunset.

Still remember, in the preamble we mentioned Chapel Hill (Kirkjufell) is "a
perfect cone angle" ? Passing through from the Snæfellsnes North Shore coastal
highway, do you still recognize that it is the same mountain? Somewhere,
south of the mountain waterfalls seems to born for Chapel Hill, guide the people
to the waterfall, see their beautiful miracle.

Chapel Hill mountain

 Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill

Until now, i still do not remember all the name of the Grundarfjörður, but she is
my favorite bay town, masquerade and quiet. Why? maybe because of the two nights accommodation in the Grundarfjörður , a bayside orange small house - Bjarg Apartments.

Bjarg Apartments

Bjarg Apartments

Bjarg called the rock in Icelandic. The owner of this building is an old couple
Sigurborg & Ingi Hans,  who live nearby. So this is our own house for these two days. These aparment is just like home, warm and peace. Fresh fruit on the kitchen table, various types of facilities even the seasoning are in the room; the basement is the laundry room; A holding red rose bud on the table in the living room. When traveling, it's be happy to staying in a house like home.



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