Trecking around Iceland - 8, Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón

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Day 04. Jökulsárlón ->Fjallsárlón ->Vatnajökull National Park ->Höfn [194km]

This is destined to be the best in the whole trip of Iceland, the most memorable day.

One floating ice, like a dream---Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón

Remember the first time I saw the ice lake, is the last year in New Zealand Aoraki Mount Cook National Park (the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park). I went there at the end of spring time, there's still few floating ice on the Tasman River. I was thrilled by that view.  not seeing enough form the top of the mountain, and go all the way to the river side to see the floating ice. you could imagine how excited I will be, when I saw the floating ice of Iceland the Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón.

When I saw Jökulsárlón, I was driving the car.I saw the floating ice before seeing the lake.I couldn't help to call out, it's really amazing! 

Yes, if you dring along highway no.1, you will not miss the ice lake of Jökulsárlón. It's on the side of the road. Although the past has been imagined ice lake is very beautiful, and also saw some photos on the Internet, but did not expect, the ice lake so beautiful so spectacular, I always thought that we have to wait until we arrive Greenland to see such a scene.

Ice lake of Iceland

The Ice lake is quiet in the midnight, vistors already left. only some of the wild ducks stand on the shore. so you could only hear the wind, the sound of the birds, and the sound of the breaking ice form the lake. Some of the floating ice in light bule, some in white, and some in transparent. some the floating ice is moving slowly, and some of them stand still. that scene, just like a dream, magically.


 One side of the road around the island is the ice lake, the other side isthe sea, the ice lake estuary. Due to the ice lake estuary is relatively narrow, so many huge ice is difficult to pass over to the sea, so they'are accumulating there, until the ice to melt slowly, fracture, volume becomes small. then it will flow down into the sea. but it was high tide when the waves dashed back to the beach. So the many small ice stand on the black sand beach. The ice like crystal lie on the beach. so people calling the beach as Diamond beach. 

Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón Jökulsárlón & Fjallsárlón


There is another small ice lake Fjallsárlón Located about 10 km west of Jökulsárlón, Fjallsárlón is much more smaller, and it dont have a entry to the sea. So all ice floes perennial accumulated in the lake, to fend for themselves. Therefore,the ice here is different. the ice here like milk. and like white cream decorated on the dream or cake.


Because the Fjallsárlón ice lake area is not big, so one can look to the opposite side of the tongue, the source of ice. This is the most romantic works of nature, has a perfect tongue melt into heart, love is everywhere.


How big is Jökulsárlón?  How is the source tongue of Jökulsárlón look like? These problems can only be answered  after the riding dinghies (Zodiac Boat) trip on the lake. With thick warm clothing and lifejacket, we boarded the dinghy, to look the ice lake in a closer way. Our destination directed tongue Breiðamerkurjökull.

boating on Ice lake

Only deep into the glacial lake, we could to find ice floes around is so wonderful. Some look like the clear crystal glass crafts, some like blue crystal in pure. some others are tall and mighty magnificent. The advantage on boat trip is see the ice floes as close as possible, even seeing them in 360 degree by driving arround the iceburg.

boat trip on floating ice lakefloating icefloating icefloating icefloating icefloating ice

[Tips] on Jökulsárlón cruise

Jökulsárlón, there are two cruises, one Amphibian Boat, and second,Zodiac Boat.

Amphibian Boat is larger, each capable of carrying about 20 people, sailing time is about 30-40 minutes, and it did not go into the glacial lake at the end.

Zodiac Boat is smaller, could carry only about 8 people. Closer to the lake, more freedom of action, sailing time is about 90 minutes.It could be as close as to the glacier in safety situation . From the experience point of view, nature is recommended rubber boats, price ISK7,500 (about RMB360).

Cruise project pause in winter. I could recommend you book advance in summer. scheduled at:

Cruise project winter pause, summer is recommended to book in advance, scheduled at:


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