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Do you have a passion for DIY? If the answer is, you'll be satisfied.Today i collected several lovely lace DIY solutions for your reference, hope one day can see your famous masterpiece.

Refined and elegant Romantic bud silk paper lantern.

Prepare tools: lace, scissors, tape, paper lamps.

Cute little DIY plan sexy lace

 1. Choose oneself to like lace, according to the length of the paper lamp is cut the lace to the same length.

2. The lace ends with double-sided gum paste.

3. In the paper with double-sided adhesive with a circle inside the lamp.

4. Then the tear tape, the lace I gummed up the be fond of one by one.

Sweet and pure and fresh Lovely lace cup mat

Prepare tools: needle and thread, cloth, lace, scissors, button (4)

 Cute little DIY plan sexy lace

1. Choose your favorite design and color of cloth, used scissors to cut into two pieces of equal to the size of the square, the size is about 15 cm x 15 cm.

2. The needle and thread or sewing machine put two pieces of cloth sewn up.

3. The length of two about 20 cm lace, needle and thread on both sides of the fixed under the cup mat.

4. Then the four buttons with the same color of cloth bag, if like also can pack a layer of bud silk, with a needle and thread the button fixed on the four corners of the cup pad.

Elegant memories Metope lace picture frame

A lot of people like to buy adornment to decorate the walls, actually can make myself more beautiful than adornment lace picture frames, operation steps is very simple, material is also very good looking.

Prepare tools: lace, scissors, tape, plastic mesh (screen)

Cute little DIY plan sexy lace

1. Pick your favorite lace, according to his good photos of big small, cut with scissors.

2. The lace with double-sided adhesive fixed position from the opposite side.

3. Use scissors to cut the plastic yarn network according to the size of the lace picture frames.

4. The other side and then ripped double-sided adhesive, stick gauze, so that we can make more straight lace picture frames.

Review the past Vintage lace supe

A small iron plate can change retro wall clock, actually quite easy to do, as long as you can make full use of everyday to collect small decorations, can produce delicious wall clock.

Prepare tools: lace, scissors, glue guns, small pieces of jewelry (such as buttons, etc., according to individual be fond of), hand drill, watch movements, double-sided adhesive.

Cute little DIY plan sexy lace

1. The first hand drill hit a hole in the middle of the iron plate is and then use double-sided adhesive to stick in the corners of the iron plate.

2. Select the appropriate lace wrap the iron plate, remember the iron plate hole to cut out a hole in the bud.

3. Use glue gun to oneself likes small adorn article according to the time scale on the iron plate.

4. Pay attention to the distance whose hands walk normally don't interfere with ornaments, and then the watch core is fixed.

Taste life Sweet lace goblet

Lace always give people a feeling of enchanting charming is spruce, spend a little on the red wine goblet of mind, and can create unexpected sweet effect.

Prepare tools: lace tape, scissors, alcohol glue, ribbons, diamond paste, double-sided adhesive

Cute little DIY plan sexy lace

1. The lace tape on a circle on the goblet, look at length with the effect.

2. Cut out the lace tape, then flat on the glass.

3. Using alcohol glue evenly on the little red ribbon, around the glass with a circle.

4. Choose the right diamond stickers on the ribbon decoration cup noodle.

See so much money, my favorite photo frame design with the edge of the glass, it's warm and romantic, good happy feeling, have the opportunity to also try myself.

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