The tutorial on cute baby hats

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We will often in the maternal and child stores often see all kinds of baby hats, work fine baby cap is generally expensive.As a cost-effective good mother, their hands-on is actually more affordable, style can also design their own.The size only Size only can be used as a reference, the mothers are still based on the actual measurement of the baby head circumference.

Introduce the material:
From left to right are: lace (preferably with no tie, soft cotton lace, good for the baby's skin)
                 Pure white satin size 14 * 12
                 Two after the crown
                 A ribbon

Put the lace on the skin fabric.

Place the other side of the satin cloth in the middle of the two corners of the corrugated stitch to refer to the following cutout.

After sewing a good flip over.

The bottom of the hat and pleated ribbon sewn together, baby hat production is complete.

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