Temperament charming lace nail DIY tutorial

Posted by Abby C on

Today i want  to bring you a peach pink lace nail DIY tutorial . Focus on how to paste lace, let your nails become more charming,Will interested to try together.

Step one:using alcohol to clean your nails, polished dressing, coated with primer;

Step two:  painted peach pink color plastic on your nails, light, this time not according to the dry, the best surface slightly sticky, will be more difficult to grasp;

Step 3: Select a lace pattern you like,clip the appropriate length, gently attached to the nail with tweezers, remember to first dip on the side, and then pull the side of the stick with the tweezers;

Step 4: carefully built with pliers, so that the edge does not have a prominent place;
Step 5: gently put sequins of different sizes, and finally coated with a layer of seal layer, this lace nail to complete the declaration it!


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