Teach you DIY fresh lace vase

Posted by Adela Z on

In your impression, the glass is used to doing it? Drink water? Yes! The glass is really used to drink water, but do you know that it can also become a vase?

Ordinary drink water glass, after creative hand DIY, immediately turned fresh vase! Jute cloth + lace with a lace, very immortal feeling.

Step 1: Prepare the required materials (glass, jute, lace, hemp, strong glue, scissors)

Step 2: wrap the jute on the glass, measure the length of it, and cut off the extra jute.

The third step: with a strong glue lace lace attached to the jute.

Step 4: Stick the jute in the center of the glass.

Step 5: with a hemp rope around the glass around a circle, and then make a bow.


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