Seven kinds of DIY wedding lace decoration

Posted by Abby C on

Both in the past's wedding, and today's wedding. lace is a kind of symbolic decorations. (thinking: wedding fashion week T stage of lace "tattoo", and Kelly henriette van niekerk Temperley London dress.) Lace, doily and fabric lace for any kind of wedding details add soft femininity, and rich texture. Please enjoy the following 7 kinds of beautiful DIY wedding decoration, take a look at how to into the lace details in your wedding.

1. The lace & clothes pin place card furnishings

2. Wish candle lace glass bottle

3. Small act the role of towel confetti receive cup

4. Small act the role ofing wipes the envelope

5. Heart bud silk ribbon loop

6. Black lace wish candle

7. Wrap lace terra cotta place adorn


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