< Masquerade Featurette> How to use Lace on make up, to make you special on the party? You should know!

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Do you still feel annoyed clueless style party ? Or to have no idea of ​​cheesy makeup ? Weapon for you: elegant and mysterious lace makeup, will let you become the focus in the masquerade most attention.

Lace elements often appear in the Halloween party of party,
many elegant ladies often choose one with long black lace tied around
the eyes and a black tuxedo complete the overall look. Then
will teach you how to lace "Print" in the face, complete alternative makeup!

First prepare a lace pattern can be selected according to the preferences of the fabric market.

Ready to make all kinds of tools, purple eye shadow is a must-have item, it can create "ice" effect makeup.

Makeup before, remember to coat Cream to protect your skin and adjust the color.

Using professional foundation brush dipped in concealer and foundation cream applied to the entire face.

Apply concealer to the eye, and applied a layer Dingzhuang powder, eye makeup so easy to fall off, and easy on the makeup.

In the face position you will want to paint a layer of lace makeup complexion brighter compared to powder or eye shadow, will make more vivid effect complete.

First selected lace fabric aligned cheek makeup and choose the best site.

With a professional eye shadow brush dipped in dark eye shadow color of Zhunlei Si gap careful to ensure that the lines are clearly visible.

When you find the makeup location is not ideal, may be appropriately
move the lace.

Use glitter powder brush dipped gently on the completed lace pattern
glossed over.

Then a layer of Dingzhuang spray.

Finally, do not forget the mascara and lip gloss.

Let's DIY part of your unique lace makeup!
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