How to make Headbands?

Posted by Abby C on

I believe every girl will have something like this that hair dress,

Which are bound to be a hair band

,  there are many types hair bands, but rarely with cotton .

So today is to teach you one kind of simple and nice headband practice.


Blue flowers with gold ribbon , is definitely a good match ,

then to show you its production methods.

First;You should prepare two two blue cotton fabric.

Fold it and cut out according this sharp.

stick the fold place by using electronic glue.

Then roll up along the glue place.

LOOK!the beautiful flower production well.

The last step is the easiest step.

According to the size of the flowers at the bottom ,

and then cutting out a small piece of cloth .

Then following the diagram stick better hair ring by electronic glue.

The finished product was finally completed.Do you like it?

If you want to buy some cotton fabric .you can click ;

Hoping you can find some you love.





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