How to DIY fabric necklace

Posted by Abby C on

Lace necklace to you about yesterday , Do you learn it? Very simple is  it? 
Today i will introduce fanbic necklace , the necklace may bit complicated than lace necklace ,
but the result is still the same beautiful.

First of all .To prepare
two different colors of cloth , a string of beads , wire and ribbon .
And then cut the fabric into the same size .
Remember to leave a piece of fabric and drew good shape of necklace by chalk.

 Rolling up the cloth that have been cut out, until it curled up, and then fixed with needle and thread .

Put the rolled fabric glued on a chalk good shape cloth.Just like it.

The ribbon sewn in the tail.
Finally .This fabric necklace has been completed.
Do you like the cotton necklace that i recommended today ? 
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oh. There are many cheap and good-looking cloth for you to choose .


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