Fashion way to change your dress

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I believe that many girls have such a black dress at home.So do i.
For wearing long time, I want to change my style.

So I picked up the scissors , Find out  a variety of needlework ,
and with a piece of white cloth , ready transformation .

Look at this .The before and after.

Now .We need to get ready the material.Then began to renew .


You need to Measure size of clothes , to determine the scope of the crop.

After that .Oblique cut a Portion from the bottom of skirt.

Then ,In accordance with the approximate size and then cut out a white cloth .

Put the two pieces of cloth neatly together.

And sewn with needle and thread.

To make the whole more open looks perfect , and then we need to re- sewing
by using machine.

This is perfect than ever.Right?

To make the look more hem sagging sense , we also need to Kraft on the seam.

After stitched with cow Tapa,

We need to sew the hem with black dress.

Ok it is the final achievement.

DO you like it ?It is very fashion and really sexy for summer.Hurry up to follow me and have a try .

In addition ,If you want to buy some linen fabric or lace .

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