Fashion;The revolution of lace

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Guide language;lace seem to hit a turnaround.From and after to realize the sexy position with lingerie. Gradually expanding the extension to dress.Either with knitting as a decorative stitching or custumes appear in any corner.

In this quarter.Driven by the classic brand YSL Rive Gauch ,lace by right of its elegant appearance of the achievement of the new revolution.

Inspiration one ;Housing type hazy.

Simple dress and innovative ideas to make you crazy with it ,Why not try to break the dull with lace.Just choose one of your favorite color .Simple collage together. easy glow movelty .

Extention ;

On the choice of clothes,Most of the girls will be headed by color or style.But what you should notice is the detail .In face .In the clothing art hall.Pay more attention to the part that is scientific.On the base of the ontrie.  The focus of the key parts of the decoration and achievement the special value of clothing.

Inspiration two ;Change decorative means

Clear and distinct lace effects highlight the leadies temperament .Alothough with a litter rural feeling but not difficult to find demure full of tension behind the strong force.

Extension; Whether you are pure lady or experienced high society . Just use little metal color .Beautiful moments of your extraordinary effects can be achieved .

Inspiration three;The attract of hollow.

Gap smaller close and delicate designed to bring more vitality and ligor .or if you add some some soft or collision of color combination .that would be wonderful.

Extension;After a period of silence.Plaid com back again .compared the previous definition .It became richer and more practical.

Inspiration four ;To create surprise

Do you want to use perspective to make you sexy ?With a beautiful lace.cover the transparent ganze clothing .Or to do the lining with lace .As the movement of your body .You will be elegant and sexy .

Extension; Early autumn. Still want to have a good show ?It depend on your wardrobe .With single product can make your autumn more fashion.

Above mention ;If you also feel interesting .You can do it follow me .

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