Easy way to make your waistcoat more outstanding.

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wear vest certainly is a very comfortable thing in summer.

but an array on the street, roughly the same vest.

Do yourself want to lead out of this embarrassment ? DIY together with me ,

and let his vest more features.

Here are some material that you need to prepare.

A simple vest , a lace trim,ruler, needlework and the same color line.

Ok ,If you Everything ready,Now we can start.


Measure the cuff size with a ruler for cutting lace .

Then In accordance with the amount of good size lace trim .

First with a needle and thread to secure it well, then use the machine is good .

In order to look more beautiful, then we need to use scissors to cut off the excess wire .

Then cut out the lace with scissors and let radian more perfect .

Ok. Then it is the final achievement.do you like it ? 

NOW ,It is the effect that wearing in your bobby.So fashion ,you also can have a try .

In addition ,If you want to buy some linen fabric or lace .

You can link in ;(lace fabric;https://goo.gl/cnqIxj .

                             cotton fabric;https://goo.gl/TEKf1I .

                             lace trim;https://goo.gl/ymyOF8 .)

cheaper and high quality !



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