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Lace is the perfect trim to spice up any garment, shorts, tops, sleeves, pockets, it can go anywhere and it’s so easy too! Lace is such summery embellishment. I just had to make my own version. You can find so many different beautiful trims out there so get hunting!

1. You will need : Lace trim, a top, pins, a needle and thread, scissors and a sewing machine (optional)

2. Cut the lace trim to size. Pin the lace onto the top. This will prevent slipping when you put it through the sewing machine.

3. Sew a straight line straight round the top on the outer edge of the top taking the pins out before they reach the foot. You could do this step by hand.

4. Finish of the edges by knotting and cutting any loose threads and stitching the ends of the lace together by hand.

Is it so easy .Hoping you also make it down!


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