DIY Cute & Lace Shorts / Old to New {How to Make}

Posted by Abby C on

      Hello friend !Guess what I'm doing today?

      That's right !I will also share diy Tutorial to you ,But today is video.

       It will clever than Static Tutorial.

       Never Throw your shorts aside .😳😳😳😳

      This vedio tell you how to make your own shots different .
       If you wear tired with your old shorts .
       Let's do it together.

       Then you will need to prepare.

       1.A pair of shorts(To choose the best color you like )

       2.Lace trim (color as same as shorts)

       3.Some fastening nail




       Ok,after preparing ,you need to divide your short into three.Then using the fastening nail to fixation it.Then according to the size,Cut  the lace trimmed.Then sew it.(note:When sewing,Should be sewn in the pants and lace along there.Make looks natural.)

       Seeing the video,Then starting do it !




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