About lace ,Do you know these methods?

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Now a lot of clothes will have lace or embroidery lace as a decoration, it is beautiful! But this is also very easy to be scratched, or desquamation and so on. Broken often after a good remedy, but lace Daoshi can use, to do something out of the United States and the United States. Of course, if you like to buy new DIY accessories Oh!

Cut inside some of the elements, so beautiful headdress!

Jewelry admission, full of feminine ~

Decorate home items! Super beautiful ~


Be a bracelet!

Boots so to build, suddenly on the bright spots!

Sleeveless jacket plus lace, very chic ~

Ingenuity of you, to try their DIY earrings it!

Necklace should be beautiful! Unique ~

Transformation lace flower pot ~ green plant is more small and fresh ~

Clothes shoes scarf slightly monotonous, add some lace  ~

Mobile phone shell, of course, but also private custom friends ~
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