A Tutorial about DIY lace necklace(hot)

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Today, I'm going to recommend a very popular recently lace necklace.
Practice is also very simple.I hope you will like it.

We chose black lace as a material because black silk look more sexy .

Next, we need to prepare a bundle of ribbons, lace , scissors , and decorative jewelry necklace .

When all the materials are ready , we can start making up .

Step one;The prepared lace with scissors to modify the amount of state the right size .

Step two;
At both ends of the lace sewn on ribbon.

Step three;
The jewelry is fixed in the middle of lace.

After fixing it is like this.

Finally , this is the finished product .Is it easy ?

Such a necklace , if the mall to buy it , the price is certainly expensive.

Why not try making it yourself ?

Incidentally recommend a site where you can buy very cheap lace .

Link in;https://goo.gl/3hdDx9

We will continue to recommend this DIY articles , please continue to pay attention to us.



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