Girls’welfare-how to make hair band

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Hot weather in summer, the girls with bangs may will be upset, it was stuffy and hot weather let's forehead is almost suffocated. If you have such a situation, make a hair band together ~ very beautiful lace headbands DIY diagram, study together with me.

 Making steps is not complicated, the main material are cloth and lace, elastic.Though the hair band material is simple,But the effect is very pure and fresh and restore ancient ways, electrifying on head!

The cut out good lace and cloth with needle and thread sewing (width according to individual difference)

 remember lace  must  cut  longer than fabric, so that the elastic can hidden in the inside, you see the elastic crack in lace, isn't it more beautiful?

At last. A sweet hair band finished.

Let's take a look at the second hair band.

Ingredients: 1. 1 yard Black lace lace

2. The black bobbles

3. one pendant

4. A diamond

5.15 cm lace of black gauze ribbon

6. A black straps

7. some Gray iron drill 

8.10 cm black knitting lace ribbon

Of the above materials are accessories if you think the color is too dark in the summer, Also can use other color such as  pink or light blue and white to match it . The effect also is very good!

 But ,by tell you ,Using lace to make bowknot are best.Or it will be thick.

Make the The gray hot drill arrange in the iron tidily.

Stick irined bud silk ribbon on the hair band

Put the black knitting lace ribbon in the hair hoop.

Black lace ribbon woven gauze bows and rhinestones stuck in the middle with black pendant fixed

Stick bowknot on the decorated bud silk ribbon

Finally make the pompoms ribbon wound on the hair band

Completed, nice hair hoop with lace skirt or chiffon skirt is very beautiful.Shop in expensive lace collar, producing method is so simple.

In addition, making hair hoop lace can buy here, very cheap.




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