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Every girl have the princess dream in the heart may like bowknot , with delicate lace ornament, such a delicate Korean hair also can DIY at home oh, let you easy to create their own exclusive hair accessories.So i want to tell everyone to make hair clips, 

The first kind of;

First of all, we need to prepare material: lace sideband, a color ribbon, a spring clip, metal accessories and hooks. Materials are ready, to see how to make it.

Step1: first of all in color ribbon drops of glue on both ends, the bud silk braid adhere to ribbons.

Step2: after pasted, flipped the ribbon, in the middle position drops of glue.

Step3: put one side of the lace ribbon fixed glue to the middle there is glue.


Step4: stick on the other side of the lace on the ribbon, pay attention to whether the length of the ribbon and the left, cut the redundant after fixed to the middle position.

Step5: after pasted, with a white line in the middle of the position is fixed into a bow shape.

Step6: the bow on the middle position cut ribbon.

Step7: tie the ribbon in the middle of the bow into a small bow.

Step8: it is the little metal pendant with hooks to the middle of the ribbon.

Step9: then mounted behind the bow with glue spring clamp, this beautiful Korean hairpin is completed

The second; The European hairpin

To prepare material first Lace a hairpin a, iron two pieces, as well as the four pieces of cloth.

The first step. The lace on both ends of the stick.

The second step, stick the double-sided glue in the middle of the respective cloth .

Third, to dismantle the middle of the double-sided adhesive.With double-sided adhesive again.

Step 4. Again after unwrapped double-sided adhesive, on the stick to have lace cloth.

Fifth, in the middle fasten cloth into a bow.

Step 6, pulled out a round piece of cloth.

Step 7, good adhesive and good inside.

Eighth, in the middle good glue.

Step 9, the bud bud to the bow.

Step 10, the hairpin decorated.

In this method, a bowknot hairpin to complete again.

Let's take a look at the third.

Ready to materials, 22 * 22 cm of snow spins cloth, 9 cm ribbon.

The first step, the two-side glue stick on the snow spins cloth, off, and then stick on the other side.

The second step, from the middle again snow spins cloth, folded in half.

The third step, the bud silk net cut into two sets, and then wrapped in snow spins cloth.


After the fourth step, to form a good bow hold, with elastic cord with pretty ribbons tied up again.

According to, such steps, and a beautiful bow hair was born. Do you Like it?

Hope this a few examples can inspire you to this aspect of the creation. Feel like can also make yo, together were recommended for everybody below a link, make cloth for the hairpin basic can be found in it.

And we will not launch DIY tutorial oh, love can continue to pay attention.


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