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I believe a lot of women will have the same problem, that is not enough shoes to wear . Anyone with a taste of the woman, will require a set of clothes to go with a pair of shoes, especially the notified party within the emergency time, in order to avoid embarrassment, today, I will teach you a way to let you solve  these questions in a short time.

Yes, with a cloth to decorate your shoes, because the fabric is very easy to buy, but there are many patterns, use it to decorate the shoes can really save time and worry.

Please continue to read, although a simple cloth, but it creates incalculable value, and  the result will certainly surprise you.

Ok , first we should prepare A pair of shoes, two bottles of glue, a piece of cloth, a pair of scissors, a brush.

According to the proportion of the size of the figure, cut out your cloth .

Coated with glue up your heel, then paste the cloth.

Then ,In the same way, continue to stand with glue cloth.

The only difference is that the former does not need to advance the cloth with a good cut, and then just paste in accordance with the curvature of high heels, cropped like.

Cheer ,It is the finally achievement.

Is it beautiful?

Yes , i also want to decor my shoe like it.Like a new pair of shoes.

Fast and easy .

Do you like it ?

you also can change your shoe by this way .

and this is the website that you can buy some cheaper fabric here;




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