This is a custom challenge coin about crime prevention and youth education.

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Few days after we finished the Crime prevention coin, Andrew got another idea of making an crime prevention challenge coin for the Dayton police office.

We already made several coins for Andrew. We know each other well, so it’s become easy for us to understand each other. We finish this coin in quit a short time. Let’s see what coin we have done for him.

Here’s the picture Andrew sent us. One side of the coin will base on the first crime prevention coin. The other side will be the image of American eagle.




And this is the artwork we made for him. of course, we talk about the improved, 

we talk about the color he want on the flag. and the finishing of the coin. and finally made this final artwork approved. 

And price quoted based on the order quantity and the meterial to use as usual.






And We send Andrew production picture before sending him the coins. Here the coin we finished.





This coin is about education and prevention of the youth crime. To build a safer communities. We’re glad to engaged in this kind of productions. It’s meaningful.

Crime prevention is so important. If without correct education, a lot of youth committed crime without logically thinking. Some times they just play for fun, but it’s not allow by low. Do you think so?

This coin are confidential to client, we don’t sell it. If you want to buy, you have to contact our client.

If you have an idea of making a coin or metal gift for the charity,
please contact us. we're going to help. maybe free artwork, free mold charge, or some discount.

Share it, if you think this is helpful for people. thanks

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