This is a custom coin of European football poker tour for France company

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This is a custom coin of European football poker tour for France company
Dominque is form a French company, Atlantic Access Media SAS. Today we talk about the second coin related to football topic, which he made form us. Football is an universal sport, so we made a lot of coins related to football. At least 200designs. I’m going to write all the stories, about football club, like all the club form bundesliga, like Bayern, Stuttgurt etc. And Arsena. Football star like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo etc.
Before this inquiry, they made one coin with Russia football club. You could see the picture bellow. As the coin is made in 2012. We don’t have a clear picture already. But we still could find the coin in good design. One side with the football star, the other side with the club logo.
Dominque contacted us with an inquiry of 1000pcs, and they sent the instruction. Please see email as bellow.

Now, we know the coins client wanted. But we cant quote him without some specific informations. So that we talk with Dominque, to provide us bellow information:
1/ the size of the coin.
2/ the outlook of the coin( eletronic plating color and other effect)
3/ material use for the coin
4/ packing(if special packing needed)

So that after talk Dominque sent us bellow information, then we could quote.
After quotation, then we started making the artwork for Dominque. This is quick a artwork. The artwork was almost approval only with one revise on the size of the words needed.

According to Dominque’s requirement. We revised the artwork and sent Dominque as bellow. Could you see the different? Not easy right? Sometimes, we’re doing tinny work to make the coin better.

Here is the coin we finished. A sliver cold color coin finished.

This design is only offered to Dominque. If you want to buy this coin. You have to contact our client.

We have already designs more than 10000+ for clients worldwide. Please you want to read more stories.
Please check further on our blog. Thanks.

Article by Olivia.


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