Hasif personalized a coin as wedding gift

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One day, we made a coin for a beautiful couple. Do you think so?



This coin is as a gift for people attending their wedding. So it goes with a thank you card. They want a velvet box too. So that it’s well packed. But the time is limited, so that we made the coins for them only. That’s not as perfect as we expected.

Let’s see how we made this coin for Hasif and Arshiya. 

They sent the inquiry, it’s quite a long instruction. See bellow.



And these are picture they sent. 




Actually they had already know about what kind of coin they want. And send full instruction, so that we could design the coins for them they easily.

And they are urgently need it. We don’t have enough time, as usually, we could finish the coin for client in about 10-15day after artwork confirmed. We need fews days to finish the artwork. The time for artwork depends on the communication between client and us. Sometimes, we could finish the artwork in one day. but some times, client want changes on it, we need to communication many times, so it take times. So that we have to confirm with them before making the artwork.



Fatima confirm the time. So that we go ahead with the designs quickly. Here is the first artwork we made. Because we don’t know which picture they had chosen. So that we use a picture for the artwork, which they came back to us they want the other one.



After communication we confirm with Fetima that they want the changes as bellowed.



Then we made another artwork for them quickly.


They firstly want a stone on the coin, like what we done for our stock coin as bellow. But finally, they want to control the cost. So that they deleted the stone. And we come to agreement for the last revised on the coin. And they confirm the artwork quick.


Here is the coin we made for them after their payment. Do you like the coin?

it's just as beautiful as the coin for william and catherine.

specail for wedding


coin for William and Catherine.


Of course their guest will love the gift. Do you think a coin for wedding gift is a good choice?

Maybe 30years from now, at their son’s marriage, these coin could will be show out as a good memories.

And 40 years from now they could show to their grandson.

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Coin for Hasif and Arshiya,

personalize wedding gift

wedding gift

wedding gift


coin for Prince William and Catherine

Willian and Catherine gift

Catherine coin


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