A custom coin of Sri Ramanuja

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Sri Ramanuja (1017 - 1137 CE), the most important philosopher-saint of Sri Vaishnavam and one of the most dynamic characters of Hinduism.

We also made a coin of Sri Ramanuja for Harish

Sri Ramanuja

Here is the firstartwork we made.

Sri Ramanujacharya


Harish want some improve on the artwork. so he marked them out. 

Sri Ramanujacharya


Then we do the improvement for him, here is the artwork finally confirm, it's only tiny different, could you tell?


Sri Ramanujacharya

And then we got the coin.

Sri Ramanujacharya

Is this a specail gift of Sri Ramanujacharya? do you like one?

you have to contact our client for it.

Or you could make your own coin?

contact us.


  • Jai sreemannarayana this is sunitha. May I get Ramanujacharyas copper coin as shown in the video. How it may cost. Plz forward the details to the above mail id. May u know the cost of the coin.

    Sunitha on

  • @Srinivasan R : I agree with what you said.

    southkingze on

  • @Bharath: the coin was made with copper. It’s with original copper color. And you could do other material and other colors too.
    It takes about 10days for production. shipping time depends on your location and the method to ship it.

    southkingze on

  • How much does it cost .? And what material is it ?
    How much time to deliver ?

    Bharath on

  • The Silver coin of Srimad Ramnujacharya is an excellent one giving all the features as seen in the original photo. It is recommended that all sri-vaishnavanas should possess this coin as a rememberance of 1000th Year celebration for the generations to come.

    Srinivasan R on

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