Do you like Astérix le Gaulois?

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Astérix le Gaulois is a French comic series by René Goscinny (writer) and Albert Uderzo, cartoonist, and writer after René Goscinny died 1977. They co-authoring. It's a very well-known comics in Europe and South America, 33 comic books and pictures had been translated into 100 languages and dialects. And It's adapted into many films, live action movies, video games, etc.

Astérix le Gaulois

One of our client made a coin out form this comic. Here is the artwork we made for him.

front sied of Astérix le Gaulois

back side of Astérix le Gaulois


and this is the coin made. fronte side of the coinblack side of the coin

you could tell form the picture that the coin is in mat effect, not mirror as usually. which made it specail. and it's with pad printing. so that it's colorful, showing a picture of the leading role Astérix and Gaulois, with their dog.
Do you like this coin?
More about the Comic:
1, all the comic book start with the following:
Nous sommes en 50 avant Jésus-Christ ; toute la Gaule est occupée par les Romains... Toute ? Non ! Car un village peuplé d'irréductibles Gaulois résiste encore et toujours à l'envahisseur. Et la vie n'est pas facile pour les garnisons de légionnaires romains des camps retranchés de Babaorum, Aquarium,Laudanum et Petibonum...
In fact, the village survived because of their priests can create a magic drug water. Who drink this drug water become strong and mighty . The story is mainly about Asterix and his friends Obélix. Obélix fell into the drug tank when he was still a boy. So that Obélix is alway mighty.  Asterix and his friends Obélix complete a lot of difficult task rely on medicine, wisdom and courage. They defend Caesar from harming the village.  Asterix and  Obélix traveled all over Gaul, often with alien contact (Vikings, Egyptians, Greeks, Belgians, etc ......).
2, the main role
Comics hero, a wise and brave warrior.
His unknown age, short stature, blonde, big nose. He is very attractive to women, but never seem to have a romance. He carries a sword and a small bag which packed inside a magic water. He is responsible for safeguarding the village from the resisting of the Roman invasion.

Obelix is the name from the "Obelisk", because his career is to create the obelisk. He is Asterix inseparable friends. they bron the same year on the same day at the same time. He is huge stature, silly optimist.
And he fell into the drug tank when was a boy, so he is always mighty.
3, Influence 
France's first artificial satellite named Astérix-1, in honor of Asterix.
There is a Asterix theme park near Paris, it's as famous as Disneyland.
In the last issue of Time magazine special issue concerning France, Asterix and Obélix is on the cover.
2006 World Cup final between France and Italy is a newspaper called the Roman legions and Gaul villagers contest, a lot of French fans dressed as Asterix and Obey Felix to the scene to refuel.

4, Movie about Astérix le Gaulois
Warriors fighting Caesar
Task Cleopatra
High Asterix War Caesar Prince
Asterix British High Travels




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