How to make a coin, tell you step by step.

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If you want to make a coin, and don’t know how to do?  please read it. then you have the idea.

 7steps to make your coins:

1, Talk about the idea of the coin

2, Talk about detail instruction of the coin

3, Quotation

4, Artwork sketch for you.

5, Payment.

6, Production.

7, Shipment. 

 Now I’m going to show you step by step.


 1, Talk us about the idea of the coin you want to do .

A, you have an idea of exact coin you want to do, tell us.
B, You want a special gift, but not know how to do, talk with us your thinking and outcome you want to reach. We’ll help you to work out the designs.
We show you a lot of coins, which we had made for our clients. So that you could get some inspiration. Please check video list. (click to check the list)
different custom coins
I take more than 7 videos to show the designs. Refer to the title for that you interested in.

(this is the first one,  see more, check the list)

You could read our Testimonial stories  on Blog too. Where you could find how we made coin for clients.
 We have made more than 10000+ custom coins. These topic cover Movie, super star, famous landscape, religion, commercial use for company, history event etc.
 2, after we have an idea of what coin to make, then we have to confirm the details, such as size of the coin, material, etc. So that the coin could be made. Tell us the details follow the step bellow.
1st  step: Size of the coin. (see video)
By stamping technic. You could make any size within 150mm. Only If the size we never made before, you have to pay an extra cost for the cutting mold.
Size over 150mm or if you want deeper 3D effect, we could make it with casting technic.
  We made these sizes the most.
  Round in Diameter: 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 36mm, 30mm, 25mm
  Square: 50*28mm, 50*30mm, 44*28mm, 
  Thickness: 3mm or any you want?
2nd step: Confirm material. (see video)
We have many kinds of materials: Gold, Silver, Copper, German silver/copper-nickel, Brass, Zinc alloy, Aluminum, Iron, Bli-material, etc.
Most people choose Copper, Brass, Zinc alloy, or Iron. Depend on the budget and quality.
3rd step: confirm basic color. (see video)
This means the basic color of the whole coin.
Material basic color: Original silver color, original copper color, original brass color, original zinc alloy color, Original Aluminum color etc.
Or plated color: gold plating, silver plating, copper plating, nickel plating, anti-copper plating, anti-bronze plating, anti-brass plating etc.

4th step: further effect on it.(see video)
Add color or effect on the coin after basic color, to make the coin special. If the coins don’t need special effect, go to 5th step.
Normally people do colorful enamel color, pad printing, diamond inset or others, please talk to us. And the best way to describe to us is send us a picture of the effect you want.

5th step: packing or other details. (see video)
 If you have an idea, tell us. If you don’t, tell us your budget and outcome. We could do some search for you.
Simple packing: Capsule with polybag.
Other packings: gift box, display box, gift bag etc. A good way to do it is send us a form as bellow, then we get everything, and understand you easily.
These is a sample form for your reference.
how to make a coin
3, quotation against the detail instruction above. 
We’ll quote you once we get your details instruction. Quotation including mold charges if any.
Negotiation base on the quantities etc. untill an agreement.
As we have told in the video, if work out the designs together, and both of us could sell it, we offer discount on the mold charge. So if you have a good idea in head, just talk to us.
Mostly, we’ll reach an happy agreement on the price.
4, artwork sketch drawing against deposit and order confirmation.
Once the order confirm, we’ll start drawing artwork sketch according to the idea and instruction and raw drawing. We’ll send you artwork in about 1-3days depends on the schedule. After checking, please approval with us or send us modification instruction.
To make it fast and shorten the time of communication, some of the tips:
1st send us detail instruction, better with some picture to describe what’s the coin look like.
2nd when the first artwork send to you, please check carefully and point out all that need to modify in a time.
Then we could finish the artwork quick for you.
If you want more information, please check our testimonial stories. By reading the stories, you know how we work with out client.
And here are some artworks.
First artwork
Final artwork
5, payment against the production.
  1st , Pay for the mold charge, to make the sample production.
  Sample production lead time: 7days, if more effect on coin, 10days.
  2nd pay for the order for mass production.
   Production lead time: 10-15days according to quantities and effect on coin.
   I going to take some video of production and show you later. Let’s wait.
6, production photo for checking before shipment.
  When production finish, we’ll take photo and send you, so that you could check the productions.
7, shipment and tracking no.
  We’ll send you tracking number once shipment arranged.

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