Leonardo Dicaprio won finally 2016 Oscar

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Leonardo DiCaprio had been nominated four times in Oscar the best actor over his 25 years career.


He was finally take home the best actor Academy Award this year. Congratulation to Leo.

DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar for his leading role in revenge movie The Revenant.


Leonardo Dicaprio win 2016 Oscar

According to Twitter official statistics , in the whole course of the Oscar broadcast , When the moment Leonardo Dicaprio won the Award, Twitter is pushed up to a maximum amount.

Oscar had been missed Leonardo for more than 20years. This year He finally won the best Actor award by leading role of The Revenant. According to Twitter official sources said , at this moment of Leonardo Dicarprio won, the average tweet per minute is 440 000 on Twitter, which has set a record Twitter.

So many people eagle to watch Leonardo win, cluding me. Do you?

I'm still a fan of Jacky.
Leonardo Dicaprio win 2016 Oscar


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