Everyone have an Oscar movie in heart----Titanic

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Oscar 2016 will be this week. And this remind me some of the classic Oscar movie, which are very impress.


The first movie I will think of will be Titanic. Do you still remember this movie and the song 'My heart will go on'?

titanic oscar 2016

When I saw the movie, I was only 16 years old, and now I still remember the class clips like when Rose and Jack one the head of the boat, with the wind. do you still remember it?

And also when they spitting ptysisi. 

Of course, when Jack leave Rose, and kiss her on the iceburg.

Now, when rewatch it, I was still moved. So in 2012 I was the 3D Titanic too. Are you a fan as I do?


Now  Leonardo Dicaprio is much different, so man! In 1997 he's still a boy kind. you see the picture compare when 1997 and 2012 the leads.

Leonardo and kate


Leonardo nominted for the best actor Oscar 2016. Let 's pray for the good luck to him.

Do you think he will finally win? I think he need it so much.



oscar 2016





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