I have seen batman vs Superman. It's Amazing, do you think so?

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I would like to write a short batman vs superman review. As I just come back for the cinema.

batman vs superman review

I have not been going to cinema for long time. As I'm fans of DC comic, so I have long for this movie for long time. and Today, I go to cinema for it.

And oh my goodness. I can't express my excitement. I'm going to see it again tomorrow. The movie was a piece of art. Put together like a comic. Using pieces from and feelings from some of the best batman stories told. It sets up a fantastic universe.

I know it maybe not appeal to the Nolan fans who know batman only from 3 films and that's it. It's a movie for the batman comic fans. This is a older, wiser and angrier batman. Who has been around the block a few times and has seen a lot of shit.

Anyway. The movie was amazing. But I'm open to argument. What do you think?

Some said he didn't understand the movie, it's just a kind of mess. What's the dream of Batman? and so many place that it's not clear told in the movie. Do you think so?

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