Superman vs Batman, human-size band do toy exhibited.

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Hot Toys's 1: 6 and 1: 4 small toy model is the model of toy model. They occasionally do some big man. Recently, in Hong Kong, a series of human-size hand do toy was exhibited in a plaze, as the warm-up for new movie "Superman vs Batman". Hot Toys exhibited a series of big toy model including Batman, the Batmobile, Superman and Wonder Woman. It seems that it's a field full of compelling battle.

All these are to sell. these models are  almost exactly the same as the movie, I believe the price is certainly not cheap.

In recent years, Hot toy made a lot of big models. Last winter they introduced a Hot Toys18-foot-long "Star Wars" Millennium Falcon (about 5.5 meters). Its layout and meticulous delicate, with light-emitting electronic console. The classice scenes present like in the movie, while  two main characters Han Solo and Chewbacca sitting in the cabin and piloted their craft.

super man hot toy


wonder woman

superman vs batman

batman vs superman

batmobilesuperman vs batman

Sitting in the cabin of the


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