Why Micheal Jackson's skin changed to white? did him bleached it?

Posted by yaoli chen on

Micheal Jachson is that kind of super star. King of Pop. Even he is with diseases of Skin disorder Vitiligo  and  Lupus erythematosus.

I found a video that Micheal talking about his skin appearance. I feel so bad that people thought that he bleached his skin. When he was saying that it was a skin disorder and that it hurt him that people thought he didn't like who he was, My eyes turned watery. I was about to cry.

He said he love his black skin public for serval times, but he was scadal to be bleach his skin. How hurt this will be?



And Micheal Jackson is so popular even he is with diseases. and he love kids and animals, and he contrubite to peace and anti-Racial Discrimination. 

That's why he have so many fans.

Micheal Jason

Micheal JacksonMicheal Jackson

Micheal Jackson

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