3+ things to rechange your clothes thet you have to know

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"The old clothes transformation" how to transform pocket t-shirts


In spring, many children like to wear long sleeve T-shirt,Looking  leisure and easy, the season of spring fashion show, we will together to transform under last year's old t-shirts, sew two beautiful gloves pocket decoration in front, It look beautiful and practical ! Now ,Please prepare A simple long sleeve T-shirt, an old sweater, a piece of white cotton cloth, a piece of paper, scissors, needle sewing machines, finalize the design.

Such a leisure, beautiful pocket t-shirts revamping is good,Do you  like it?then begin diy!!!!

1, First cut out gloves model with a piece of white paper , and then put it in the bottom of the old sweater alignment, cut out two such models  and set aside.

2, Cut out two such models above in white cotton cloth again  , note at the bottom of the slightly long point, Then put the cotton yarn gloves above alignment.

3,When turn it over, You can find  woolen gloves is a little longer than the cotton  above.

4,Around should be fixed with a needle shape , and can be folded in half and put the following long cotton in the edge and woolen gloves at the bottom of the edge is consistent, and needle fixed well.

5,Using sewing machine  sewing around,Then fixed up two piece.

6, Also should use a sewing machine  fix a line at cuff pressure .

7,After finished two glove ,We should fixed them at the bottom of the T-shirt by using needle, pay attention to adjust position, maintain balanced on both sides.

8,sewing  on t-shirts along the red line .

"The old clothes transformation" old pants refurbished slim pants

Old pants renovation Let you have a beautiful and  show thin flower pants

After renovation of trousers is very beautiful! If your pants have any stain, originally this painting design, could not see the stain on the pants.moreover In recent years are also popular flower pants.

First of all, ready to bubble brush, dyestuff, pants.

1,Pour the dye in a glass.

2,Dip in with bubble brush apply dye on the pants, put a lighter color.

3, Take a darker red painting on the pants with foam brush dips.

4, Dips in blue flames with a bubble brush.

5,Also painting decorative pattern on waistband.

6,You can also take a magazine for your reference to drawings.

Clever transform old jeans Old turns into a fashion icon

Old clothes for the transformation is one of the very popular handmade, a lot of people like to transform the old clothes, after renovation of old clothes is always able to get what you like! If there are some spare jeans . just as follow figure with teachers to transform together! Use bleach water, simple steps to make the jeans look brand-new.

1,Prepare the required materials (such as jeans, bleach, hangers, barrels)

2,Put the jeans  folded in half  with hangers.

3,The jeans frames into the bleach for three minutes.

4,Then put the  jeans  in water for 30 minutes.

5,Hang up your jeans,until dry.

"The old clothes transformation" design beaded shirt colla


A collar is one of the most special. Although it is made of pearl beads, making up and decorate a bit more complicated than other collar, but its effect is the most beautiful.See the production steps below!

1,Ready to pearls, buttons, needle, scissors. .

2,Put the diamond chain hoist and buttons on the shirt collar, set the position, with a needle and sew them on the collar.

3,With a needle and thread of pearls seam on the collar. .

4,Can be in the proper position, add a little pearl or other color pearls, make design changes.

5.If feel sewing too complicated, you can login below website to buy their favorite collar, the stitch.

Do you like these ideas? If you Love it  can continue to pay attention to us, we will not be launched on a regular basis!


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