SKYFIRE Flashlight G700, 68% off,800lumens

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1,What are the zoom levels?
Zoom Level:



2,what is the size of the flashlight?


Length: 197mm
Handle: 25mm
Head Focus: 35mm

3, How many lumens?
 The flashlight has 800 lumens.

4,  What are the flashlight preset options?

It has 5 Preset Modules:



night hiking with flashlight in the darkness

Do you frequently suffer from “Dim Flashlight” disorder?

 This is a flashlight solve your problem. G700 flashlight  is a tactical flashlight made from the aluminum same as that for aircraft. The flashlight said to be durable and long-lasting. 

When you ask any soilder, firman, police officer, hunter or survivalist. And all of them will tell to you how critical it is for them to have a flashlight ahead at all times. In fact to many, not just any flashlight will do, they ask for the best one, high lumen, and high brightness. Those other typical torch, with clunky plastic halogen flashlights that require either type C or D batteries to function are practically useless most of the time. They break easily, very dim, and quite heavy.

People get  awkward feeling, every time they turn on an old flashlight – only to discover the foggy bulb can barely light Short distance, likely from bedroom to bathroom — let alone down a dark hallway or country in case of an emergency. Truth be told, most people have the tendency to overlook the importance of owning A flashlight bright enough for their home, car, boat, or their workplace, that is why you need to get Skyfire  Tactical Flashlight.

So every of them, who activite in darkness, want a flashlight that's really bright enough. This is G700 flashlight could help. One of the big differences between the G700 and a traditional flashlight is the brightness. G700 is with 1000lumens, that could bright the whole place immediately. Traditional flashlight is dark, and without multifuntions. likely say, G70 flashlight with strong brightness and a strobe mode, which will easily scare away an attacker or animal.

Skyfire G700 flashlight uses the most advanced military technology and is currently available to the public. and it's made of highly efficient and Machined Aircraft Aluminum, the G700 is highly effective and runs on 2 18650 batteries and is capable of lighting to safety with a remarkable 800 blinding lumens of light. It also features a brilliant cool Zoom feature, an SOS function mode’ to signal for any alerts, together with a strobe function mode’ which produces a massive frequency that mitigates a threat within milliseconds!

So that why our client said, it's the bright flashlight and most durable one.  please see Vedio reviews.

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