5pcs Simulation of butterfly orchid flower High-end silk flowers Flowers, orchids Put flower wholesale

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Combination: flowers

Color classification: pink (super-sized single branch) green (super-sized single branch) milk white (super-sized single branch) purple (super-sized single branch) purple blue (super-sized single branch) fluorescence (super-sized single branch) pure white (large one) pink (large one) green (large one) milk white fluorescent (large one) blue (large one) purple (large one) purple (large one) light purple (large one) pink (trumpet 1 branch) green (trumpet 1 branch) milk white blue (trumpet 1 branch) fluorescence (trumpet 1 branch) purple (1 small branches) purple (1 small branches) contains no vase, single flowers

Put a space: the ground flower Put flowers

Simulation flower types: dry flower silk flowers bar flowers/mirror Wedding floristry

Item no: butterfly orchid

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