The coin of fireman Prayer. This coin is to raise money for the equipment for fire department.

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Andrew is man with kind heart. He made a coin of the friman prayer, which is use for raised money. and this money is use for buying equipment for fire departments who cannot afford equipment. This made me moved. Do you?

Good equipment is so improtant to fireman, when they flight with the fire. Good equipment will pretect them, when they flight with the fire. I just came across a fire near my house. The fire is just too strong, it take a whole day to put the fire out. The whole building is fired, luckly no life hurt. 

I wish each town have a firedeparment with good fire equipment. 

I'm pround of Andrew.  Do you think so?

This is the artwork we made for Andrew.  And it come out with a beautiful coin.

This is the beatiful coin made. and Andrew said it's a huge hit.

This coin give courage to fireman. Do you think so?
Do you see the beautiful words?

Give me the courage
To face and conquer
All the fears.
The strength of body and spirit 
to help all those in need.
And lord,
Protect me

And after this coin, we made a few coins with police concept for Andrew. and We're so glad to work with him.

The Dayton police coin and criminal prevention coin as bellow is made for Andrew, please click the photo to check the details..

If you have an idea of making a coin or metal gift for the charity, please contact us. we're going to help. maybe free artwork, free mould charge, or some discount.

If friends arround you need this, just let know know.

Article by Olivia

South kingze

If you want to see other coins we made for Andrew. click bellow photo.

coin of crime prevention
dayton police coin


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