This is a police challenge coin we made for US client

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This is a police challenge coin we made for US client

After the crime prevention coin, we made an challenge coin of Bellbrook for Andrew. But this time unexpected misunderstanding happened.

Andrew is always in good cooperation with us, and he love our quality and service. But one day he sent us and email that. He want to change supplier. Why?

Because Anson is out for training for 1 week. The trainning is to improve skill in work and management. And then Anson got ill. So at that time, Anson could not arrange the artwork for Andew in time. Anson is such a careful person, he didn’t pass over this job to other colleague. He could understand client better.  But Andrew have an urgent order to make, and could not wait.

So mistake happened.

Luckly Andrew is nice person, he just need in time communication. So when he heard this, he send us and email as bellow.

Mistake solved. Anson urgently work on the artwok for him.

Andrew get an inquiry form bellbrook police office. And he attached picture to us, so the we made him artwork.

Anson came back to work immediately when he was not very ill, and made Andrew artwork quick and sent him as usual. So that Andrew could do the checking and revising.

And we talked about the changes. You see Andrew decided to change the words on it.

And then finally the coin was done.

This coin is to Bellbrook police officer. Their daily work need Loyalty, courage and community. So that they could keep the town safer. Do you think so?

This coin are confidential to client, we don’t sell it. If you want to buy, you have to contact our client.

If you have an idea of making a coin or metal gift for the charity, please contact us. we're going to help. maybe free artwork, free mold charge, or some discount.

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